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CarolineAlexander is a Mother-Daughter business located in the historic village of Fredonia, New York. Sandra and Jennifer’s talent paired with their keen eye for beauty, style and grace have steadily grown the CarolineAlexander line. Inspired by Jennifer's little girl, Caroline, and her cousin, Alex, CarolineAlexander strives to create a sense of wonder and magic by designing beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding, formal and every day accessories and fairy garden pieces.

Sandra learned to sew at an early age and is one of those mothers who always was, and still is, creating something new. Her dining room table is forever covered from one end to the other in bits and pieces from on-going projects…dried flowers, silk flowers, ribbons and bows, crystals and beads.

Jennifer’s house has begun to look and feel much like Sandra’s. After taking pottery classes several years ago, Jennifer discovered a profound passion for it and, gleaning inspiration from her daughter, started crafting detailed clay fairy houses, fairy doors, and more. Each piece requires much thought, deliberation and attention to the finest details and, as a result, is an original work of art that cannot be duplicated.

As Sandy and Jennifer continue down this creative path together, their artistic talents are constantly evolving. We hope that you will check in with us regularly to see what Sandra and Jennifer will be working on next. Thanks for visiting!

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